After He Died by Michael J. Malone Book Review

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4/5

Book Insight: Paula Gadd just lost her husband of almost thirty years. As any widow is, she is distraught and drowning with grief. Soon after his death she quickly begins to realize the man she was married to may not be who she thought he was. It’s possible that whatever he has done is putting her in grave danger, and she must find out exactly who her husband was, because her life might just depend on it.

The Good: I really enjoyed the solidness of this book’s story line. As soon as I read the synopsis of the book I couldn’t wait to dive in. The book starts out with gripping information and you are almost able to put yourself in the shoes of the grieving widow of Thomas Gadd. I love the dimension of Paula Gadd’s character and at first it is easy to wonder if she may just be going a little crazy with grief. Once I started this book I was anticipating the outcome and Michael J. Malone was able to keep me guessing as I read on and he tied everything together perfectly. Also, I just can’t express the love I have for that cover! It really drew me in when I saw it!

The Bad: The book had several parts at which it went on and on about unnecessary plot points. There were several pages I feel I could have skipped and still gotten the whole story.

Should you buy it?: I would definitely purchase and add it to my bookshelf! Especially if you like plot twists! 😉


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