Do No Harm by L.V. Hay Book Review

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this eBook by Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Suspenseful, Twisty, and Addictive!

Rating: 5/5

Book Insight: Lily has finally found new love after being in a marriage with obsessive and jealous Maxwell. Her new love interest, Sebastian, is the complete opposite of Maxwell in every way and Lily is so glad to finally have a chance at a new life for her and her son. She marries Sebastian quickly and things start falling apart just as fast. Maxwell doesn’t seem to want Lily to move on without him. Will Lily and Sebastian be able to face the dark events that wait for them after their wedding?

The Good: This was a pacy and beautifully written book. I literally lost sleep because I just had to finish it. I could not put it down! The story had so many twists and turns that made you want to keep reading. The author was able to keep me guessing wrong until the very end. Usually I am able to figure out and predict the ending in these types of stories, but not on this one! I knew from the first page that I would be hooked. The characters all had just enough depth to them that you felt like you knew them. L. V. Hay has an unbeatable talent as an author and I can’t wait to read more of her books.

The Bad: I may have gotten whiplash from all of the twists! Okay just joking, but seriously I have nothing bad to say which is actually rare because I am a picky reader.

Should you buy it?: YES, YES, A MILLION TIMES YES! I can’t wait to add it to my collection!


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